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max steel movie

Max Steel - Teeenage gains super powers along with a robotic side kick that fights evil. This sci-fi action film is a hit for teens but lacks for adult movie goers. PG-13

the accountant movie

The Accountant - When a mind is so brilliant that is becomes a source of power and black mail. This drama runs just over two hours but the flow will keep you intriged from start to finish. R

the girl on the train movie

The Girl on the Train - What happens when one former resident revisits her neighborhood. Which friend or ex gets one over on the other. Sex, alchol and lies wrap around the ploit. The suspense keeps the ending one you'll want to see. R

star wars manchester west hartfordSTAR WARS - The Force Awakens is out and broke records for opening weekend. The Galactic Empire continues to three decades of fans with favorite characters like Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker, Prince Leia and C-3PO. Now that Disney is holding the reigns on this movie it is still an amazing film. Fans around the world come out saying that the wait is worth it. Soon most everyone will see this movie as the year comes to an end.

The Peanut Movie - Charlie Brown and the gang hit the big screen for this animated family movie. Snoopy will have your whole family laughing. Great music soundtrack so even the adults will enjoy it

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation - This secret agent movie places you in the action but watch for the twists as the story unfolds. Just over two hours with stars Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Ving Rhames. Movie goes have put this on the top for early August sales.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - The cold wars of the 1960's places you between the KGB and the CIA agents. Just under two hours however movie going have had mixed reviews.

Straight Outta Compton -
The mid 1980's pushed out a vast amount of new rappers and this story highlights the Compton music scene. Getting great attention nationwide but watch out for 'professional movie reviewers' putting negative postings. Runs almost two and half hours and is sure to keep at the number one spot for weeks.

RoboCop This maybe an updated version of the original but again it's not a hit. I'm sure everyone whom had seen the original will rush out just as I did to see what they could do to this classic flick. In fact Hollywood has been on a kick of re-making films vs. creating new ones. RoboCop 2? I'm sure they have it in the works.

THE LEGO MOVIE You would never think that the classic Lego's we all grew up on would make it to the big screen. I can see that kids would enjoy this movie over all but us adults really need more. Funny points come across but it's not an engaging script.

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT Another Tom Clancy hit as this action packed film pulls you in and has you waiting to find out the next move. Well worth seeing and the casting was done very well. The balance of suspense and action puts you right into the film.

The Wolf on Wall Street Based on true events and it's an eye opener. This shows the dirty side of a young and ambitious stock broker played by actor Leonardo DiCaprio. When the money and greed takes over so does his life. It maybe a long movie time wise but it is worth seeing.

Thor: The Dark World Some times a sequel can just kill the mood. This movie lacks what any comic fan would want. As for movie goers there are much better ones to see.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire This movie pulls you back to first movie and then pushes you forward. Great over all action film with hopes for a third.

PAWN This is a suspense action film that stars Forest Whitaker and Michael Chiklis in a diner robbery gone wrong or so it seems. As the movie progresses you find yourself wrapped up in the tale. When it's all over you will find yourself watching it a second time to find the missing links to the end that you may have missed the first viewing.

FAST & THE FURIOUS Back again with street races, sexy girls & great music. It was the #1 movie for a weekend so it has to have the appeal.

OBSERVE AND REPORT Mall cops, real cops and crime at one local mall gets crazy. Seth Rogen takes the lead role in this comedy putting an average day job to the next level.

12 ROUNDS When New Orleans take on a wanted international criminal and the capture goes wrong. Things for this cop get crazy. John Cena (WWE wrestler) stars in this action and suspense film. This film keeps you thinking of what can be next. Go see this and be ready.

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT This supsense movie starts off slow but builds up to be a one to see. When criminals hide out in a small town and a family gets a late night knock at there door. The story from there you'll have to see.

Duplicity Julia Roberts and Clive Owen take on the corporate spy game. Take the time to see this as you will be surprised at the many side stories that are involved in this plot. This is a star filled featured along with Paul Giamanitti & Tom Wilkinson.

PINK PANTHER 2 Steve Martin is back again with a funny long time favorite. You never know what crazy and stupid things that can happen as the inspector travels Europe to close a case.

WATCHMEN This super hero movie has a great ending however it is slow in the beginning and a very long movie. If you have the time and patience to watch an almost three hour movie then go for it. The movie overall lacked action.

KNOWING Could numbers tell us the future? This sci-fi suspense movie pulls you in slowly as the events unfold. Great story line with some twists. Nicholas Cage takes the lead role in this film. It was #1 in the box office for a reason!

DEFAINCE If you want a action packed movie with a touch of drama this is it. Based on true events during World War 2 as the woods before home for hundreds to escape Hilter's army.

VALKYRIE Tom Cruise new tale is based on a true event. This is the attack of Hitler's own officer's against him. German soilers find that the Nazi power has gone too far not only for them but for there country. The movie has a good story line but the over all impact is lacking.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button This movie is just fabulous. The story keeps you waiting to find out what next will happen in his journey of life that goes back from an 80 year old man to a new born. This is a must see with Brad Pitt staring.

CROSSING OVER This is a star filled drama with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Jim Sturgess & Ashley Judd. When a US Federal agency goes after illegal workers in the US. See how various agents lives are effected as they interact with there tasks.

SEVEN POUNDS Will Smith plays in this drama romance tale of a man who changes the lives of seven individuals. This is a more serious role for Will Smith but pulls it off with Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson. This movie will play with your emotions as it unfolds.

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL A modern version of the original with Keneu Reeves. Great special effects and strong story line brings you through this great adventure. If you have seen the original I think you too will be pleasured.

BODY OF LIES This is a very intriguing movie with two big stars, Crowe and DiCapario. As the world gets more watche by 'Big Brother' so are other countries, so your calls, emails and physical doings are much less private. Great action as this CIA plot unravels.

THE WOMAN What a star filled movie from Meg Ryan, Bedra Messinger, Eva Mendes, Candice Bergen, Bette Midler, Carrie Fisher and the list goes on. As a group of woman take on life's crisises, headaches and troubles of the world. The movie has chemistry bewteen the charators and some comedy along the way.

LAKEVIEW TERRACE Powerful movie from start to finish. You think your neighbors are strange or are bad news? Take a leap into this small street were your not wanted. Samuel Jackson again takes the screen with command.

DEALTH RACE Action, guns, cars and maybe what the future could be like. Jason Statham takes this action packed film to the top. Great car race with guns and a few added surprises.

BANGKOK DANGEROUS This new Nicolas Cage film has a dark side to it. A contract killer that takes on a student and ends up in a world unknown to him. A different role for Cage, so keep an open mind when you see this one.

RIGHTEOUS KILL Two great stars come together for this cop killer twisted tale. DeNiro and Pacino are to long time NYPD detectives ready for retirement or not? Other stars in this movie are 50 Cent and Donnie Wahlberg.

COLLEGE Those days can be revisited as three high school student stake a look at a college. One weekend that ends up like a roller coaster. Many ups and many downs as the weekend rolls to a close. If you liked the American Pie series then this is another one for you to watch.

DISASTER MOVIE It's time again to spoof on all the new movies and stars in this slap stick comedy. As always it's a bit stupid, some laughs and makes you think of what movie was that from. Take on a twister, earth quake or some comets as this comedy does.

TROPIC THUNDER Stars galore in this action comedy. Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Nick Nolte, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey..... The beginning of this movie is slow; however it takes off with great action and a few laughs. The last scene is great, so watch the dance movies!

The LOVE GURU Mike Myers has another hit! Get ready to laugh as he takes you on a magic carpet ride both on and off the ice. Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Verne Troyer add into this comedy that most missed out this summer.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Time to go for a spin with a drug dealer and a process server when they are running from killers. This movie has some funny parts but it's not a well scripted movie overall.

THE MUMMY: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor If you like the first two then you'll love the third one. You'll be going to China and seeing lots of mummies. Great action scences with swords, knives, guns and kung-fu moves. Last part of the movie will win you over.

STEP BROTHERS The team of Will Ferrell and John Reilly are back with a bucket full of laughs. It's just funny through out this whole movie. A must see this summer for a comedy.

THE DARK KNIGHT Batman is back and what a step above the prior movies. This new Batman will take you on a great adventure. The story line and special effects are top notch. Take the two and Half hours to go see this movie. Christain Bale and Health Ledger make this film a success.

YOU DON'T MESS WITH ZOHAN Adam Sandler new character has some very funny moves. This movie however for Sandler lacks the known great comedy from previous movies. I'm sure it will soon be heading for DVD. It come and went fast in the theaters. You can look in your area and see if it's still playing.

WANTED Car chases, guns, train rides and special powers?? This action packed movie has some great scences. The last half of the movie has great action and fighting scences plus cars flipping and trains falling. James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie team up for this movie.

Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D This movie takes off with great 3D effects and keeps great effects throughout. The journey is very interesting and has action along with some creators and wild plants. Make sure you see it in 3D it made this movie fun.

HANCOCK Drunk super hero takes on bad guys in very funny ways. Will Smith takes on the role of Hancock and the movie from start to finish has great action and comedy mixed. Wonder why it's the #1 movie... go see this hit!!!

WALL E Ready to see what the future could hold for us? This is a comedy romance animated movie great for just about everyone. Don't miss this one!

THE HULK Second time around the made the HULK a worth while movie to see. Great action, top notch acting and best of all a nice twist to the end!! Stay in your seats as the credits come and well their is still a bit more.

Get Smart From start to finish it's a dud. Stay away and be smart!

Stangers The previews for this movie make it look like a hit. Liv Tyler takes herself down a notch as she works in the B type movie. It's a movie you can wait to see on DVD.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Long time since Indiana Jones was on the big screen. Movie starts off with great action and a hint of a great movie. The movie falls short compared to the original three. One word sums it up - DISAPPOINTED. Sorry to say as it was great trilogy.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Part two takes us back with new friends and old. Great action although the movie is about 2 and half hours long. If you liked the first then go see this part.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS The fun of vegas and the comedy that keeps the movie flowing. Diaz and Kutcher make this a fun and silly movie. Take a chance and see it. You may just get a jackpot!

IRON MAN This movie surprised me with great action, some light comedy and of course IRON MAN! Wondering why it's the #1 Movie and is grossing so much more then the #2 movie. Go see it- don't wait!

88 MINUTES Revenge can happen in so many ways and such a sort period of time. Ever wonder if you know when you were going to die if things would be easier for you? Al Pacino stars in this thriller along with Alicia Witt and LeeLee Sobieski. Catch the action and thrills!

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL This must be the first movie to take the leap into showing off a man's body. Get ready for a funny movie with some great new and old cast. Go see it and LAUGH!

PORM NIGHT Could your porm night turn out this way? We hope not as classmates gets killed and you will get some chills. Not as scary or bloodly as we had hoped for, however a good over-all movie.

21 The most popular card game in the world, Blackjack, hits the big screen. Based on a 'true story' this tale puts college students in play in Vegas. Great way to learn about systems and how Vegas can be. A two hour movie will take you on a trip.

DOOM'S DAY It's a twisted British version of Resident Evil. Some parts have great action while overall it lacked in a story line. If you like blood and guns you'll like it.

SHUTTER You never know who is with you even if they are dead? This movie plays off the spirt world and the possiblities of evil revenge on those who did wrong.

THERE SHALL BE BLOOD Long movie that has minimal action until the end. If you don't mind seating for over 2 hours to get to 20 minutes of action, then skip it. The credit were roling and people were asking others what a waste of time and could they get a refund? Skip it and you'll be happy!

JUMPER Great trailer - poor movie. Sorry to put it out that way, however facts are facts. Walking out the theater I heard several others say the same.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN This is a strange movie that has some scary and action packed minutes. Josh Brolin, Javier Barden, Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson make this is star studded movie.

THE EYE Get ready to be scared! Imagine seeing things that no one else can. Grab your arm chair and popcorn for this one.

JUNO Young teens will love this comedy drama. If your an adult pass on this film. Good story line and worth seeing if your under 18.

NATIONAL TREASURES - BOOK OF SECRETS The adventure continues with Nicolas Cage as a treasure hunter on a new twist. Ever wonder what the President of the United States knows or does not know. Fun and entertaining movie plus it's better then the 1st N.T.

Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem Great action sci-fi takes these two arch enemies to a small town in the US for a battle. Great movie however a short film.

RAMBO Get ready for loud action and another great RAMBO movie. Slower start but in 15 minutes the actions hits! Go see it!!!

I AM LEGEND Get ready for a great movie. Will Smith stars in this very well written adventure and action film. Ever wonder what can happen in the future to the human race? See this and see what could happen.

THE MIST The movie starts off slow but gets moving. What is in the mist will surprise you. The is a good overall suspense film.

BEOWULF 3-D Get ready for a great action packed movie. It is filled with dragons, swords, fire, creatures and a good story. This is a complete computer generated film, so please be ready for the experience. It has great 3D effects and if you can see it in IMAX.

FRED CLAUSE Who know Santa had a brother until this year.... well they could have kept it a secret. The movie has some funny parts. The overall story line is good for the Holidays, but if you can wait until it hit's DVD or a paid channel.

DAN IN REAL LIFE Right to the point - skip it! Slow, not funny and not up to Steve Carrell's normal funny roles.

BEE MOVIE Animated films always seem to lack something.... same with this one. Cute for kids, however for adults it lacks.

MICHAEL CLAYTON A surprising film that has a unique story line. Some parts are slow paced, but over all it's a good movie to watch.

SAW IV If you liked the other 3 Saws then you'll like this one! Starts off great. And we'll leave the rest for you to see.


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